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Weird couple of days

A 15th-century friend said all women are delicate. I said, Leonard, if you see me coming, you'd better step aside—a lot of men didn't & a lot of men died.

We had an electrical fire. Flames! Luckily, Johnny was here & I wasn't so no screaming or fainting. (The super came by & gave us a new outlet & everything is fine.)

Maybe I am delicate.

The internet was out for two days at work.

Every day was hotter than the one before. I now have a headache.

My sister-in-law & niece are in town. They are the most loving people I know.

I accidentally bought no-refund tickets for the wrong date. On Johnny's card. He wasn't mad.

As I was jumping off the train last night, a man roared at me (how is it we can tell when a yell or even a car honk is aimed at us?). He pointed: I had dropped my pen. I leaped back, grabbed it, leapt off & thanked him, without getting caught & going an extra stop.

Speaking of car horns, some jerk kept beeping at me, really loud, while I was unlocking my bike. Until I realized that when I was leaning down to open the lock, I was pressing on a really loud airhorn of the neighboring bicycle.

If one of the ransom- or malwares eats my computer, I may just return to the woods & the simple life.
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