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I swallowed a fly

Perhaps I'll die.

But before that, I plan to cough my lungs inside out.

It was one of those pesky drain flies that sneak into your eyes, nose, & mouth.

It happened while Susie Timmons was telling me about her trip to Indonesia, & I finally had to hang up because when she made me laugh, I coughed again.

Also, my new, expensive eyeglasses broke. They are SO nice and above-&-beyond at Block Drugs. They popped my lenses out & into identical frames (except for the color) & called the company to say the original frames must be defective. Carmine will front you a pill if the prescription hasn't gone through, has given discounts on expensive meds that weren't covered, & always makes sure you understand your medications.

Another local business that I am happy to support.
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