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The Two-Ingredient Cookbook

I never thought of myself as a cookbook author, let alone a cook, but I already have 2 great recipes for this collection. I made up this one:

Bell Pepper Soup
Cook 4 red, orange, &/or yellow peppers till soft, liquefy in blender at highest setting, add a small container of crême fraiche or similar & a dash of salt. Serve cold.

I had this in Maine:

Honeydew Soup (or Cocktail)
Liquefy honeydew melon, add plenty of vodka. Serve in a bowl if you want soup, in a glass for drinks. A little lemon is good.

I made this when I opened my refrigerator in 1979 & the only thing in it was a case of caviar someone had sent me that I was never going to eat. Obviously I should have a cocktail party so I bought a blender.
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