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The snow chronicles XIV

Outside my building
We've already had 4 feet this winter & more coming tonight. There's a pause right now, a little rain to pack it all down. I walked across the street to put my laundry in the machine & when I crossed back, my tracks were gone.

And why did I do my laundry today? Because all the towels got soaked when I had to deal with the results of a burst pipe above me early this morning. What a dismal sound, rain crackling down in the kitchen & bathroom. Yikes. I can't believe how much water there was—& how little got ruined. Lucky once again. If only our landlord would hire a real plumber. A 5-year-old would do a better job than the guy who does all the work in the building. The intercom only works on some floors, rings in the wrong apartments, & doesn't open the door. When he replaced one neighbor's toilet, it fell off the stand. He moved a tub in another apartment & it fell through the floor. Every time he picks up a hammer, someone cries. What does he have on the landlord that he keeps getting hired? Considering that he has to redo almost every piece of work, could he really be cheaper? This is the second plumbing problem in my place this week.
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