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Pedal Acupoint Massage Equipment

Someone gave this to Johnny.
Some information & instruction (translated from Korean):

Application for Special Population
1) Sub-health people with weariness, ennui and unknown etiology.
2) Office worker of sitting and standing for a long time, and driver.
3) People of treasuring own body, pursuing the health, worried about aging and illness, and liking building stronger bones.

Function Characteristics
1) Promoting the blood circulation and smooth to eliminate the weariness.
2) Adjusting the rhythm of sport and relaxing to improve the sleeping.
3) Enhancing the metabolic functions to keep the bloom.
5) Adjusting the secretion of balance function to build stronger bones and keep beautiful face.

Application Method
1) The foot massager machine is made from natural wood.
2) The use time of foot massager machine is within 2–10 minutes.
3) When using the foot massager machine, body need to be kept the upright posture, left and right feet need to be alternately trampled (i.e. trample on the same place).
4) Using the footplates for feet massages so as to enjoy the feet treatment with fingers pressure type.

1) The foot massager machine shall be steadily placed on the ground before using it.
2) When using the foot massager machine, you shall not wear shoes. In addition, you shall not wear shoes to step on the foot massager machine.
6) Do not stand on this product.
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