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Verizon Redux

I didn't think it could get worse... The guy finally came on Friday (1/2 an hour late) & said, "The problem is in the central line, I don't know why they even sent me." He did this 'n' that & said it would be fixed "tonight." Now it's Wednesday, & not only is the internet not fixed, my phone hasn't worked since he was here.

Everyone—every single person—I've spoken with has told me different & contradictory information. I've spent 5+ total hours on phone or live chat with these people. I had an appointment today for someone to come between 8 a.m. & noon; no one showed up. At 2:30, someone said he's on his way & will be there by 5. Now it's 4:48 & nada.

Are you gentrifying telephones & trying to drive out landlines through harassment & lack of services? I asked Lena, one of the 11 Verizon employees I've spoken with since Friday. She claims that the problem is copper wires & someday they will give even my neighborhood fiber optics. She also said she would call me back.
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