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A not-as-perfect day

Even though it's my beloved sister's birthday & the weather is better than I expected & I had a not-bad class (meaning my knees held up) & a really nice lunch (salad of greens, goat cheese, walnuts & cranberries), & I got started on an article (only to find out that the expert I need is out of the office this week), it's been the kind of day where I didn't get nearly as much done as I'd planned, I didn't make it to the 7:30 class, in fact I didn't make it to 10, although I did get myself to 12:30, I got criticized for some work—we agreed there'd been miscommunication but I definitely was snarky in at least 1 comment (the day after my husband's accident, so I'm kind of excusing it, but I don't like it & they sure didn't), I had to turn down a really enticing invitation from a friend I don't see nearly enough, Johnny's still sore from getting hit by a car, I haven't learned my Torah read for this Saturday, & worst of all, my supply of periods is depleted & not only is this a run-on sentence but I might not ever be able to finish or punctuate it
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