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I just finished the most difficult piece I ever wrote. It's heavy science, & under strict embargo so I can't even give a real sample, but it's something like this:

Isolated cells were stained with fluorochrome-conjugated antibody to CD140a (MAM5, 1:100), CE11c (Na418, 1:100), F4/80 (BB6, 1:50), O4 (O4,, 1:10), CC11b (P1/70, 1:100), CL45 (90, 1:100), Ly6V31 (SG1.4, 1:100), CD105 (N418, 1:100), and CD19 (e1D3, 1:100).

I randomly changed numbers & letters just in case anyone reading this can understand what it's about.

I barely did, & my assignment was to translate the journal article into lay language. First I had to look up most of the words. I honestly have no idea if I got anything right. I'll turn it in tomorrow & they'll let me know. Usually when I do these science pieces, I get to interview the researchers, & they explain it. I only glance at the article for reference & spelling key terms. This time I had no one I could ask.

Wow, I am beat! I don't know if I feel smart or dumb.
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