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Having sympathetic outrage on behalf of Maggie, who got a cheap ticket to Detroit on Spirit Airlines. Not really so cheap, since everything except the seat costs extra: $100 for a carry-on bag (why? no one is being paid to handle it so that's pure profit), water, they even charge $10 to print out your boarding pass at the airport (& they don't have an app). Their website is confusing & mostly leads to dead links. Awful.

Two hours before she was supposed to leave this afternoon they canceled her flight with no explanation. She ended up having to pay $618 for a one-way flight on another airline. They seem to be offering her a flight at a later time & the big compensation is that they'll waive the fee they normally charge to change a flight.

Apparently they've burned a lot of people: it's far & away the airline that gets the most complaints & they've taken some heavy fines, in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, from the Department of Transportation for their shoddy & shady business practices. Don't fly Spirit!
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