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Rene Ricard

Is 2014 going to continue 2013's horrible dying ways? Yesterday it was Rene Ricard, poet, artist, critic, bon vivant, legendarily beautiful Warhol actor.

When I think of Rene, I think of how he was always nicer than I expected, always seemed to have plenty of time to stop & chat, always remembered who I was & what I was up to. He was such big fry that that was flattering, naturally.

Maggie & I asked him for a naked photo for KOFF magazine. He had a very beautiful one, he told us, but he decided not to let us use it: You might get jam on it, he said.

So many times he looked like he was on death's door. I remember once he looked green, & this must have been 30 years ago. In those days, people who looked like that always were about to die. But he didn't. I guess I expected he would just go along, looking seedier & scruffier, but always being sharp, funny & maybe even wise.
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