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The 1%

Two weeks ago, Johnny's urologist told him he had a 65% chance of having aggressive prostate cancer.

A week later he had a biopsy (glad I have lady parts).

Yesterday we got the results: BENIGN. "Your chance of dying from prostate cancer in the next 15 years is less than 1%."

Whew, instead of the next however-many months being absorbed by yet another health crisis, I feel like I won a great vacation!

It was weird to keep this to myself, but I figured if it was nothing, I wouldn't want to keep telling people the outcome & what if I forgot to catch someone up & they worried needlessly. And if it WAS something, I'd want a strategy/treatment plan in place before I let people know.

Also, part of me was convinced it was a false alarm & I tried not to think about it. Which was pretty stressful, I must say. I think I would go back to letting-it-all-hang-out transparency if I had to go through this again. In general, I like the idea of giving people a chance to help. And I like seeing how readily people do step up. But ... but... it takes a toll to be forthcoming, just as it takes a toll to keep quiet. At least for me. Johnny said his only stress was that I was worried. He simply waited to find out & he really didn't think about it. He's amazing, isn't he.
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