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Hello, Thursday

I went to karate class & I ate a carton of yogurt & was shocked to read about an Arkansas state legislator who gamed the adoption system, then abused the girls he & his wife had taken in. It was so windy I almost couldn't move forward on my bike & I got whacked by flying gravel and paper. I found out that one friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and another with congestive heart failure + COPD. I got a compliment & a criticism. Terry Pratchett died; not a particular favorite of mine, but a lot of my friends read every word he wrote. I meant to toss some books, including one called Pegasus Descending: a book of the best bad verse (edited by James Camp (really?), X.J. Kennedy & Keith Waldrop) but couldn't when I opened it at random to:
And when Life's prospects may at time appear drear to ye,
Remember Alois Senefelder, the discoverer of lithography.
—William McGonagall, "The Sprig of Moss"
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