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I can see!

I finally went to get my eyes examined. Everyone saw me pick up one of my lenses off the floor & stick it in my eye at black belt promotion a couple of months ago & I bowed to the horrified demand that I make sure I hadn't given myself a hideous disease; it didn't help that I said I do this all the time. Turns out I've been wearing possibly the world's last pair of gas-permeable contact lenses. It's so many years since I got them that the prescription no longer exists. How did I manage not to lose those tiny disks for all these years?

Turns out I don't have to worry about it any longer. I have joined the modern world of soft lenses. I don't understand it but the optician was able to hand me a sample pair that have already noticeably improved my vision. I feel like I was insisting that my iMac served my needs perfectly well & there was no need to upgrade. What's next, a smartphone?
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