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Another old friend

Semi-out of the blue, an old friend—since junior high—called me this afternoon. We haven't spoken in many years.

We reminisced a lot about our 4 years of Latin together. He passed because he did Miss Skaff's banking & bought her cigarettes.

What?! He was brilliant so I'm sure that's not the whole story.

Coppock always said he got through because he could draw & make announcements and flyers.

Things Miss Skaff said frequently:
= "You have an advantage" because we were studying Latin. Hooboy, totally true. I can't quantify it but a huge portion of my college-less professional success is that grounding in the Latin & hence English language.
= "Shouldn't you know that?" That was the line of a strict & demanding teacher, someone who expected a lot from us, & we all tried our best to deliver.

And there was ancient and post-ancient (more recent) gossip. Who married who. Who we've seen. Who died.
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