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My day (Wednesday)

Poor despairing Buster
I went to class (karate), hung out with a friend, & in an hour Johnny & I are going to see Hayes Carll. Our favorite singer & he's a block away, at the Mercury Lounge.

I have to get catfood. My piggish Buster, who will eat anything, is wasting away because he hates the Whole Foods kibble so much. And here I am, writing instead of feeding him!

I also have to get watermelon because the last one was so good.

Got good news about a friend with COPD who's on a ventilator (he has COPD). I was wondering why his wife had told me he'd be in the hospital for months. Until he's entirely weaned from the ventilator, he has to be in an institution. His wife wrote, "Turns out that much of his problem can be traced to malnourishment--this disease requires many times the normal caloric intake. So if he were married to an Italian wife who pushed food, he would have been just fine."
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