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I'm writing this in New York, but will set it to appear on Thursday, when I will be waking up as I land in Barcelona.

Plan: Mercè will meet me, we'll catch the high-speed train to Madrid, then another half-hour train to Toledo, where we'll be for a couple of days, mostly to see as much El Greco as possible. (We're even staying at the Hotel Pintor El Greco.) He's been my favorite painter ever since Janet & I went to Washington years ago for a big El Greco show. I ran into someone I know who said, And the sky in Toledo is just like his paintings, so I think being there (where Mercè has never been, despite having lived in Spain her whole life) will make his art even more important to me.

We'll stop in Madrid on the way back long enough to stop into the Prado & maybe see some flamenco. Mercè: "I'm passionate about flamenco. Have I ever told you my parents opened the first tablao flamenco in Costa Brava before I was born? Too bad it was a failure...otherwise I could be a flamenco dancer or guitarist by now instead of a translator."

And the rest of the time I'll be in Girona, with maybe a day trip to the Pyrenees. I will try to get some posts up but it may not happen till I'm back.
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