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I love science

I try not to have regrets: what's the point? If I mess up, I try to make amends then leave it alone.

But I do regret my inexplicable & silly distaste for science when I was young.

I'm enthralled these days by what scientists & researchers know & come up with. MRIs in infants that can predict autism years later... remarkable targeted treatments for MS, cancer, & more... How about this: A “granular jamming cap” filled with coffee grounds may improve the reliability of the sophisticated “GPS” system that surgeons use for nose and throat surgery, a new study suggests.

Who the hell comes up with these ideas & how do they get people to buy into it? It reminds me of Barcelona & thinking that wild as Gaudì was, the more amazing part was that well-off 19th-century people not only got it, they gave him money. Lots of money. To support someone else's vision is maybe more remarkable than being the "crazy" artist.
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