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Oe ti'n siarad Cymraeg?

Apparently not.

I naively agreed to a meet-up of Welsh learners, lulled by one of them saying she had a 6-month-old baby and hadn't really been keeping up. Ha! Joan & Joanie were fluent! Turns out they've both been to Welsh boot camp, a week of speaking only Welsh, and Joanie even lived in Wales for 9 months.

I couldn't say anything but I could follow the conversation to some extent (except when it was turned toward me). I do feel inspired by their enthusiasm & by realizing, once again, that—like being a white belt who keeps going & earns her black belt—if I keep going I too may be able to chatter.

The small-world part of the afternoon was when I learned that another new Welsh learner is an old, old acquaintance.
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