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My friend Abel came by to say fins aviat on his way home to Spain. He's a Bukowski scholar who got in touch a few years ago because we'd featured a nude Bukowski on our 1978 KOFF calendar. He gave me a copy of a book he edited, Bukowski on Cats, 1 of 3 (on writing, on love) HarperCollins is publishing. He told me I could probably sell it to a collector on eBay for a hundred bucks.

I have a lot of books but they're to read; I'm not a collector. I don't get collecting—that something is valuable because I have it and you don't, or because it's rare. He said a lot of them buy things & never look at them but leave 'em in the shipping box.

When I was 14, I started a coin collection but I only ever had 1 coin. I can see having a collection with one thing in it. My collection of autographs includes Myron Floren. My collection of kitchen timers has one Lux. My collection of husbands is Johnny.
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