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"Be Careful"

The pale sign in the window's upper left reads: "Be Careful the door is shocking people"
My landlord's latest "improvement" is a door that is magnetized. It requires two hands to exit—you hold that red button on the right & turn the handle simultaneously. Not only is it inconvenient, & difficult-to-impossible if you are, oh, carrying something or have a bum shoulder or are short, it's probably illegal, according to a friend of mine who works for the Fire Department. It's mostly used for locked psych wards & is only legal if it's hooked to a particular kind of building-wide fire safety system, which he says we don't have. If the electricity goes out, which has happened many times & certainly could happen in a fire, we could be trapped inside the building. Is that what Mike (the landlord) wants?

Mike has been told all this but he only complained how expensive it is. Our little local 45 thinks he is always right & that he has the right. He once said, It's my building & I can do what I want.

The door still doesn't even close properly & I am pretty sure I could break it myself with a good yank.

Also, I got shocked. Mild but painful & creepy.

Update 1: Almost everyone in the building has gotten shocked.

Update 2: The door was busted in this morning (August 16).
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