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Monday Quote

The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping old ones.
~ John Maynard Keynes

Up until recently, I felt au courant with the mores of my day—aware, changing as needed, instinctively & through discussion on the side right. I realize when I write this that it can't possibly be true—it leaves out, for example, everything I wasn't aware of. Many would say it's because I'm white that I both omit/overlook issues or am NOT right.

I am all for racial equity, but less so when I’m accused of racism & classism, not because of something I said or did but for being white or old. Certain POC I interact with start with the assumption that they are right & I am wrong, that they know & I am clueless. Their schooling consists of browbeating.

How can I say any of this without sounding defensive, pandering, or self-abasing?

I do recognize that I have ideas or beliefs that haven't changed & probably should. I also see that not everything is important to me, that I can't be on top of & correct about every social issue. And that there is nuance that seems to be ignored or kicked in the teeth.

The same is true for the political scene. We have to pick our issues & not get in a fluster over every single horror. Others shouldn't look at you toiling in one area & criticize you for not doing something else.
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