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The New Museum

Sheesh, it's 3 blocks away but we only went there for the first time today. (Insert obligatory apologia about New York's embarrassment of cultural riches.)

Roof first (always!): cool view: no chairs or I might have stayed up there all day.

We saw:
* Ragnar Kjartansson's Me, My Mother, My Father, and I. His mother spits at him in a video & a bunch of kids lay around on mattresses playing kumbaya guitar
* Camille Henrot, The Restless Earth. Flowers! And complicated videos.
* A secret installation in the back stairs by David Horvitz, bells + he melts & re-blows seaglass.
* Roberto Cuoghi's ancient Assyrian lament (composed by him and played on handmade instruments), called Šuillakku Corral
* Opera crossed with cross-dressing by Jeanine Oleson (Hear, Here)

I loved the staff—the rooftop guard played "O Susannah" on a harmonica & told us that he'd learned to relish old-time country music growing up in Trinidad. I bought a box of postcards of iconic New Directions book covers by Alvin Lustig (1915–55). Usually I feel dutiful about this kind of art, but the New Museum was fun & weird & I didn't feel like I was being made to feel too unhip to enjoy it.
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