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Jubilee year

Liza & my new scheme is for there to be no internet every seventh year. We all get a break from email & the rest. I had that today—apparently Time Warner was out everywhere & that's my office wifi. So I couldn't know that anyone was looking for me & had a lovely few hours of typing & revising lots of poems.

This has nothing to do with the net neutrality issue, which reared its ugly head again, after such a fight just a couple of years back. However, today is Net Neutrality Day, & support comes from Amazon, Facebook, reddit, Google, the ACLU, AirBnB, Twitter, & on & on. Just the stupid FCC wants to make it easy for the big providers to get more money & block sites if they feel like it.

Then I came home & Johnny dropped a cold salsafied quesadilla down my back. Yeah! Awake!
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