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The Poets Play Baseball

in honor of the All-Star break:

The Poets Play Baseball

1B—Gertrude Stein
2B—Bill Luoma
SS—Hart Crane
3B—Walt Whitman
LF—W. H. Auden /Muriel Rukeyser
CF—Ron Padgett
RF—Charles Reznikoff
C—Bernadette Mayer, Elinor Nauen

Charles Olson
Hoa Nguyen
Jim Behrle
Anne Waldman

Middle relief:
Alice Notley

O’Malley (Tony Dohr, Dgl R)

General Manager: Anselm Berrigan
Manager: Edmund Berrigan
3B coach—Frank O’Hara

compiled by O’Malley, O’Malley & O’Malley
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