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Little beings of pure spirit

I've had a line stuck in my head since I was a teen: "little beings of pure spirit whose normal body temperature is 125°." It's from Salinger's Seymour: An Introduction, & I have no idea why it's followed me all these years, anymore than I know why I remember the words to "Winchester Cathedral" or the birthdays of half the kids in my second grade class. He's talking about birds.

Scientists can now tell us how hummingbirds, which weigh as much as a nickel & have to eat their body weight every day, manage to keep stable in wind or rain. (Click on the caption for a short explanatory video.)

I once flew from Maine to Georgia because a boy I was in love with called & said there were hummingbirds outside his window. I don't remember seeing them & eventually I wasn't in love with him anymore.

How nice it would be to know the birds.
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