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Pootie Tang

I do a lot of editing for social justice organizations, which are always trying to "shift the narrative" and get people to be less racist etcetera etcetera. One article I worked on recently was by someone who referred to herself as "serv[ing] as an unapologetic arbiter of authenticity." That makes me wonder about a movie I have seen several times. It is usually considered to be a giant turkey but I think it's hilarious. Would the UA of A be OK with me liking it if it were for the right reasons? Or are there no right reasons? Or am I—white—the wrong person to like it by definition? Would it be OK if I were an ironic young person of color? By asking these questions, am I outing myself as racist? unhip? unwoke? What if I mention that Louis C. K. wrote & directed Pootie Tang? Does that change anything?
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