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The 10 most influential events in my life, in no particular order, & being ones I participated in (meaning no "I was born"):

* Quit college, after which I had to live by my wits not just trudge along in a path that was laid out for me.

* Met Maggie, best friend, collaborator, critic, supporter.

* Married Johnny, became connected to someone more deeply than I ever had been in my life.

* Wrote 1 stanza of ottava rima, emulating Byron, which led to a book-length poem & the most satisfying work I ever did.

* Started (& continued for 10 years & counting) studying karate—physical, moral, spiritual discipline.

* Bonnie said, It's your religion and you should know about it, so I began to study Judaism, eventually becoming observant.

* April 24, 1971, the last big anti-Vietnam War rally in Washington. I met some guys from the Air Force, who become my dear friends, companions, leaders, pathfinders.

* In retrospect, moving into the Ezra Pound, where I've now lived 2/3rds of my life—I have a home & a neighborhood.
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