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My day (Friday + a little leftover from before)

Riding downtown, stopped in thick traffic near the Midtown Tunnel, a guy in a van inches from me asked where I was going. We're going to the East Village too, he said, he (gesturing to the back seat) has never had an egg cream. The traffic broke then.

Chatted with a lady on a Citibike about the bike lanes, inattentive pedestrians, rogue bikers—what we bicyclists talk about. But fun to strike up a conversation & hold the lane for a minute to meet.

Hung out with my old friend Pecos's wonderful, brilliant, beautiful, fun (etc) daughter C—, who's in town briefly, leaving tonight to work in Paris for a month as part of her law internship. We walked down to the Tenement Museum & watched a film about immigration to my neighborhood. I was 75 years later than the big wave of poor people that came here, but had and have many of the same concerns. Except that they couldn't wait to move to Brooklyn.

Had a drink made with yuzu, citrus with a taste of mandarin.

Shirley & Lita are getting married tomorrow in Alabama. A courtesy cousin is taking me to a Yankees game. I bought lots of fruit. Talked with my sister enroute to San Francisco.

There's big things in the world too, but today I'm enjoying a slow day with happiness around me.
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