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Johnny & I are watching college basketball at the SideWalk.

Hey Ronnie, he says to a guy, & introduces me.

Ronnie says, Who're you rooting for?

Before Johnny can explain that he roots for the school that graduates the highest percentage of athletes, I say, Florida.

Are you from Florida? Ronnie says.

Nope, they have the cutest players.

He snorts. You sound like my sister. It was a sad day for her when the basketball shorts got baggy and long.

Same here, I say fervently.

My wife likes baseball, Johnny says. Jeter, he's her man.

Oh yeah? My sister, she likes— she likes—

David Justice, I say.

Right, Ronnie says, David Justice. How'd you do that?

Yeah, Johnny says, impressed. How'd you do that?

Johnny is impressed & that's the point of reading this random guy's mind. Right?
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