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An experiment

Random photo with old car.
I'm going to bitch a little & see if it makes me feel better or worse to get it all down.

Actually, now that I'm not in the thick of last week's woes, they don't seem so terrible. I had a root canal, but it went fine & very quickly didn't hurt, & the tooth that hurt no longer bothers me. Johnny was in ER for the second time in 3 weeks, but got a stent in a blocked artery & is much much better. My home phone is still out of service but I survived my birthday without calls. Also, I've quit being bummed that instead of a birthday blizzard I got 55° sunshine. My mother is safely settled in St. Paul & too busy to talk to me(!). I finished a bunch of pressing work & other obligations. I chanted the 10 Commandments in the synagogue on my birthday, which also happened to be my Hebrew birthday, a rare overlap. Because people stand to hear that read, they pay attention, which can be nervous-making. I enjoy doing it, & it went fine, but you don't always know till you do it how it'll go. It was still light at 6 p.m. yesterday.

Oh wait, I see I've edged toward my more usual cheerful embrace of whatever's to come.

Failed experiment.
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