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Weather ball

Minneapolis, 1949.

Not infrequently, I catch myself singing the weather ball jingle. The weather balls were scattered around Sioux Falls, on top of the several National Bank buildings. When we were driving downtown, we would twist our heads out the car window & up to see what was coming. One decoded the colors based on the jingle (which could be heard incessantly on the radio & never wore out its welcome — we sang along every time; call me if you need to hear it!): 

Weather ball, white as snow, down the temperature will go [the melody sank]

Weather ball, red as fire, temperature is going higher [the melody soared]

Weather ball, emerald green, forecast says no change foreseen. 

When colors blink in agitation... there's going to be ... precipitation! 



Those are the utterly correct lyrics, but some people must have grown up in one of the other cities, largely in the Midwest I think, that had weather balls. Sioux City's jingle is pretty much the same as ours — what I remember as "blink" could easily be "flash." Eric Renshaw (Forgotten Sioux Falls) has a lot of info, including stodgy lyrics but also photos; the weather ball was, of course, way more impressive when it was doing its thing.

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