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Twin Bings!

The Bingelbumpf bowl, in front of a South Dakota landscape by my high-school classmate Ron Poznicek.

My sister Varda had the artist Sally Mara Sturman make this bowl for my birthday last year. You can't see that around the inside it says "The Great Game of Bingelbumpf," which is a card game Vee & I invented 15 or 20 years ago. There are endless rules (which are printed on the outside of the bowl). These madden most people. The only four people to ever play Bingelbumpf willingly even eagerly are me, Vee, our sister Lindsay, & our brother Charlie. Others (et tu, Lara?) bizarrely claim that we make things up as we go along, which only seems to be the case because we can't remember all the rules from game to game. What the hell was Fujitsu Fujitsu Fujitsu? Tim Wiles remembers it as the central rule, but we have lost it altogether.

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