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New art!

I still can't figure out how to photograph art. Can you see how alive these are? I told the artist, Shanee Epstein, that if we ever move to the country it will be her influence. I'm so happy to have these two pieces brightening up my house. And I love that Johnny said let's get 'em both! He never holds back when it comes to art. 

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Gallery 440

I love Shanee's work. Always recognizable, there's a complexity of color & form that is utterly appealing. We bought a collage at her last show that's on our kitchen wall. I still look at it often (you know how you get used to your surroundings & rarely see things after a while—sadly, that includes messes as well as art). This show was more colorful & less abstract. We went for the gallery talk: 4 artists discussing methods, inspiration, intention.  Read More 
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New art!

"Sail" by Shanee Epstein
I love Shanee Epstein's work & have been to many of her shows at her gallery in Brooklyn. I never bought anything, partly because I liked almost everything so could never make up my mind, partly because I didn't trust my eye, partly because I wasn't sure it was OK to spend money on art.

Luckily, Johnny doesn't have a problem with any of these. We finally agreed on a colorful piece ("Skylight"), only to find out it had just been sold. So he ("we") bought the piece I liked best from the start. I love the 3D texture and subtle prairie-like colors, and it reminds me of a bookshelf—but Shanee calls it "Sail." Emily Dickinson, thank you: "there is no frigate like a book."  Read More 
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