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You do know how to blow, don't you?

That's me blowing the shofar (wearing tefillin)
The Cantor & I co-led a shofar-blowing workshop today in preparation for the High Holidays, when the sound of the shofar is central.

For a primitive, ancient instrument, it is remarkably evocative. People have heard its sound as a wake-up call ... a lamentation ... the cries of a woman in childbirth ... a way to confuse Satan ... a warning ... a call to war ... the sound of the human soul ....

The physical part of blowing a shofar is relatively easy. I run to ensure I have good wind, I practice a few minutes a day to build control and toughen my embouchure.

Studying the laws, getting my intentions in order is a little more challenging. There are as many ways to blow incorrectly as correctly.

The spiritual part is hardest. I find I need the help of everyone in the room to break through the roof & send our prayer to heaven.  Read More 
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