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Mad Full of Dreams

Kevin, in front, with a couple of the actors, at Anthology Film Archives.
Always a treat to see a new Kevin Baggott film, as usual full of interesting (& well-acted) characters, strange situations, & small mysteries. Oh, and Ireland. Somehow someone (usually Kevin) always ends up sleeping in a ditch on an Irish back road.

He does amazing work on zero budget. Not sure how it would be different if he could afford not to write, direct, star & be the cinematographer too. At least he does have a producer, his wife, Nina Kim, whose dad was featured in this latest, Mad Full of Dreams. Read More 
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Why do you smell like the ocean?

Kevin with a poster of his wonderful early film, The Green Green Fields of Coney Island
Got the chance last night to see Kevin Baggott's new movie, Why do you smell like the ocean?, in an intimate setting (his apartment). Mysterious, beautiful, disturbing. The main character, a cop named Bobby Tierney (played by Kevin) isn't attractive or likeable, but you can't help but empathize with him, maybe even root for him. In a discussion afterwards, Kevin quoted James Cagney, who said either a character pets the dog or kicks the dog, and that's how you feel about him. Johnny said, in this case Tierney tried to kick the dog but missed.  Read More 
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