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Rosh Hashanah

this is me blowing during the week (which is why I have on tefillin, which we don't wear on holidays)
The laws of Rosh Hashanah come down to one: You must hear the sound of the shofar. The blasts of the shofar are intended to wake us from (spiritual) sleep, reconnect us to our religion and loved ones, and drive us to recommit to our better selves.

Blowing is a big responsibility: you are doing it on behalf of the entire congregation. There are many rules for them, such as no yawning or talking, because it is essential that they hear every sound. The blower has to have the proper intentions, and I spend a lot of time preparing to perform this mitzvah (commandment). It's not hard to get the sounds out but it's very hard to stay in the right mind. I guess that's true about everything worthwhile, no?  Read More 
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