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Monday Quote

Be careful to separate people from the policies of their governments.

Be careful to separate people from the actions of terrorists who live among them.


Be careful not to collapse history and context into narrow interpretation.

Be careful not to eschew complexity and nuance for the sake of memeification.


Be careful to recognize that grief for one side does not mean hate for the other.

Be careful to understand that support for one side does not mean hate for the other.


Be careful of gaslighting on a mass level: disinformation and denial of loss.

Be careful not to dismiss the excruciating and real pain of others. Do not make it worse.


Be careful not to say things online that you would not say to someone in real life.

Be careful not to add hatred on top of hatred; we are all being crushed underneath its compounding weight.


Be careful not to lose empathy for those with whom you disagree.

Be careful not to dehumanize others. Doing so dehumanizes you.


Do not lose touch with the parts of you needed most:

Your compassion. Your humanity. Your care.

~ Esther Perel

This is all so very, very hard. Trying not to be angry with people who didn't have anything to say about the depravity, the pogrom, the hate, the antisemitism. But plenty sure they know exactly what should happen next. 

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