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Elinors of the world

I often watch What's My Line?, the genial 1950s-60s game show that featured a panel of actors & luminaries trying to guess the occupations of various guests, with a celebrity thrown in once per show. John Daly, the moderator & a fine journalist, was excellent at keeping things moving and settling knotty job-related conundrums. I remember the episode with an elderly and hard-of-hearing Frank Lloyd Wright, where Daly did a gentle job of protecting Wright without the least condescencion. The usual panelists were Dorothy Kilgallen, Arlene Francis, Bennett Cerf, with an irregular 4th, among them Steve Allen,Tony Randall, & Martin Gabel (Francis's witty husband). It's a glimpse into a sophisticated, glamorous New York that still seems fun, even if it wasn't exactly what the show portrayed. 


I sat up at Elinor Kaine's name & even more to learn that she was a football journalist, who is still alive at 85 or so, still active, still lively. 

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