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**GUEST** Poem of the Week

A church in Brooklyn. 

I had the idea to open up my blog to some guests (& not the scammers who are always offering to write a free piece for my blog — why?). To start off, the wonderful big-hearted Diana Rickard, but then I thought of Anselm's poem & that this was the day Ted died (& the day Dave Righetti threw a no-hitter for the Yanks against the Red Sox, which I told Ted in a dream a couple weeks after he died). So there's 2 posts today. I love Diana's work: 


Listen Up


I give freely of my colors and their light

desire only a passionate voice, confident leather

Gradual accumulation of crumbs at my feet

and a solemn liquidy password failure

Grey frog in a granny cap

breaks the rays with leafy shadows

So easy to take pleasure in the dry sun

just hide near the prickly flower

drift from the potted greens

An ulterior woman wearing tardy boots

raises a conscious brow

Two bees hover with intent

and my nerves are incredibly selfish

This shiny coat holds a steady gaze

Little birds move in jerky bursts

The benches rock with possibility

Another noon is over

another stroll begins

It's all happening in Brooklyn, right now

The air is everywhere

and I am ready with my three wishes

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