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Que Seurat, Seurat

Sunday in the park with Chris
I'm so frigging pleased with myself for thinking this up & then doing the (OK, primitive) photoshopping.

Chris Christie is a joke.

* Thanks to Peter Cherches for the title of today's post.
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I was off by a day when I wrote, on Thursday, about Chris Christie: There are updates. First, Christie had the state of New Jersey pay for a million-dollar report that (surprise!) exonerated (& beatified) him, putting the blame on (surprise) the emotional woman, Bridget Kelly. Given that the lawyers behind that report didn't even talk to the 3 principals (Kelly, Wildstein, Stepien), how complete can it be? In possibly related news, Port Authority honcho David Samson, a henchpal of Christie's from way back, resigned with no warning late on Friday. Stay tuned....  Read More 
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Chris Christie (cont.)

Cory Booker is the first mayor of Newark not to be indicted since 1962.

So it's not just Christie, it's New Jersey's shockingly old-fashioned bare-knuckle politics. Fascinating article in The New Republic about how he rose to power. Click on caption to read the piece, which contains this (& much more):

Barbara Buono, the state senator who had volunteered to challenge Christie when more prominent  Read More 
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And then there were none...

Haven't visited the scandal here for a couple of weeks, but still enjoying it, especially that so many of his peeps & formers are falling over themselves to rat him out (& save their own asses) or are getting fired, subpoenaed, or are resigning. As the who-know-what-when gets closer & closer to the governor—who's left?
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Bridge to nowhere

Great scandal! Not icky-sexy, no complicated financial or legal shenanigans in places I've never heard of. Straight-up old-fashioned bare-knuckle politics. I don't have a horse in this race, so why take glee in Christie's misfortunes? Because he's a Republican & a bully & a crook. Because there's a smoking gun: "time for traffic problems in Fort Lee." Because thank heavens this came out before he made a serious run for President. Imagine him with even more power to retaliate: scary.

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