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Buttermilk pie

I gave Annabel a cowgirl's cookbook. She was excited to find a recipe for buttermilk pie that her Texas aunt used to make. So she made it! She whipped up half a dozen mini versions, although I don't know that if you can tell the size from the muscle man & Derek Jeter. We already shared two (with a slice to our waitress at Eisenberg's diner where we had soup this afternoon, Eisenberg's “Raising New York’s Cholesterol Since 1929") & she sent me home with two more. Annabel!  Read More 
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Almost too easy

Hear that lonesome whippoorwill
He sounds all glazed with rain
Someone ate the plums in the fridge
I'm so lonesome I need not explain

David McGimpsey did this mashup the Williams boys, Bill & Hank, who share a birthday today. It's as good as it gets, eh?

My other favorite pair of birthday twins: Sam Cooke & Lord Byron, on January 22.

I'm kind of excited to get birthdays in here, almost 6 months before mine on February 18. I like other people's birthdays almost as much as my own. I like running into someone & finding out what day it is: it's a little gift from them to me. I like that today—and every day—is someone’s birthday.  Read More 
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