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Monday Quote

My old friend, on the block.

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To Queens go I

Have I ever seen Andrei smiling in a photo before?!
I trekked to Forest Hills for lunch, talk, & collaborative poems with my dear lifelong friend. So happy he is living in New York, but perpetually restless, who knows how long he'll stay.

This is his house in Forest Hills Gardens, a rich area with private roads & actual lawns that are not behind walls. It's like the neighborhood I grew up in in Sioux Falls, but nicer & richer. Much richer.

(It's not really his house.)  Read More 
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My exciting friends

Here's what two excellent & essential poets are up to:

A Review, an Interview, and Poems by Andrei Codrescu at the link under his photo, from the LA Review of Books. Go there & read everything, OK?

And a hilarious & deep interview with Sparrow at (sorry, you have to paste in the link) http://metroland.net/2013/10/09/learning-to-be/

I'd say more but I have to go get a manicure—
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