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A good day

AND 2 zucchini-colored zucchinis! (They were very pale till yesterday.) Maggie says we can't eat them till they're big enough to impress people, but this is on our roof. What's more impressive than that?

What made it a good day? Surprises! I'd forgotten that the unexpected really perks things up. First my friend Barbara called—I'm on my bike at 2nd Av & 7th St, can you come out? I was down the block in 30 seconds & we not only chatted for an hour, it wasn't even about current events. Then my friend Ashley called & we got caught up, with plenty laughs. And my darling June's flute arrived so we met for a chaste lesson. I am self-taught & it's been 30 years or more since I picked up a flute. As soon as I did, I remembered that I never actually learned what ALL the keys do. So I showed her how to hold it & told her to fool around & she'd figure out a lot. Also, no rain. All of which is the kind of day I like at any time, but in these months, even more. 

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