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Before & after

What's the trick to taking a selfie?!?!?
I've been wanting & meaning to do this for ages, & today I just HAD to. I went to the place a couple doors down from my office but they had no appointments today. I asked how much for a haircut.

"$75 with codgee," the receptionist said.

"Excuse me?"

"$75 with codgee."

What's codgee, some special fancy treatment? How much without codgee?

Finally she gestured to a stack of cards. Oh! Codji is the person who cuts my kind of hair.

OK, well if anyone cancels, let me know, eh? I went on to the bank & up 4th Street. And passed a hair place that looked nice & neighborhood, with a lot of sharp young Puerto Ricans & fun music. I sat right down & 20 minutes later Jasmine turned me into the person on the right. And it was only $30. I gave her $40, which apparently was a surprising tip, because she followed me to the corner blowing kisses. Well, not quite, but she did ask my name & thank me loudly.

Ha ha, Johnny didn't notice! I'm vindicated for all the times I didn't notice his haircuts, which have never involved cutting a foot of hair.
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