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The Royal on the left is a real beauty. The others are the K cars of their day.
None of them really work but I love having four manual typewriters. One still has a bunch of glittery car stickers on it (not shown here) that immediately hurtled me back to all the work I turned out on that Smith-Corona. My first typewriter was a portable Olivetti my brother gave me. I was so sad when my apartment was robbed (back when the East Village was way more dangerous & my only protection was a 2x4 wedged into the window) & it was stolen—I was sure my poems came from it not me & there would be no more.

Two of our granddaughters want typewriters so I hauled these out. Can I give them away? The older likes retro things—she also has a turntable, although it plays through an iPod. The younger doesn't want to be left out.

I think I'll get them fixed up & then decide. What's the point of stacking them in a corner?
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