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Yom Kippur

On Tuesday I got ready for Yom Kippur. On Tuesday night & all day Wednesday I atoned, prayed, ponderd, fasted. (Very meaningful! Best holiday in years!) On Thursday I caught up with as much of my work & to-do list as I could. Today looks to be about the same. The editing work I've been doing is so intensive that I don't have much brainwill left to talk about the holiday. Nothing out of th ordinary except to be immersed the whole 26 hours. 


Here's Buster, relaxing atop me. 

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Rush rush rush

OK, Yom Kippur starts in a little more than an hour. Have I bathed? No. Have I eaten before my 27-hour (-year) fast? No. Have I apologized to all those pedestrians I terrified when they walked into the bike lane without looking or heeding my horn, & instead of politely swinging around them I yelled &  Read More 
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