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This was the Johnny I didn't fall in love with. That beard! He's so much more handsome now (the day before our 26th wedding anniversary).

And the youngster I have so little connection with, the kid I've only seen a couple of pictures of. He graduated high school at 16, before he'd gotten his growth spurt. My main image of high-school Johnny is seeing him with his first wife, who was his high-school girlfriend. With Johanna, he's playful in a 1950s way, & I love watching them together.
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1) You must read slower than me
2) My book is fatter than your book but
3) You are fatter than me
4) Stay on your side of the bed
5) Your belongings stay on your side of the bed/room/closet/shelf
a. My side is bigger than yours
b. My dick is bigger than yours.
c. My naps are longer than yours.
6) No facial masks
a. No funny makeup
b. No strange hairdos
c. No unusual hats
7) Half your dinner is mine
a. Ditto coffee (milk no sugar)
b. Also $$, shirts, etc.
8. Tidy at all times!
9) Fuck you
10) See what you made me do

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Jim Dine & Johnny Stanton

Jim Dine & Johnny Stanton
This was a Valentine's present many years ago. The art, not the guy, who showed up & never left. And likes Jim Dine.

I want to start taking photos of other visitors to my space. Today it was Becca (with Swiss chocolate), Bob (with beatnik tales) & Anselm (his own sweet self).

And I have a subconjunctival hemorrhage, a giant blood spot right in my eye (that's a photo you do not want to see).  Read More 
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