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The meaning of toast

I love toast as much as the next breakfast eater but I don't have deep thoughts about it.

However, an academic named Arthur Asa Berger sees toast as a "miniature stage on which the homogenization and industrialization of the United States is played." He sees the toaster as a sign of the end days for American bread and even diversity.  Read More 
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Could I love NYC more?

Do people elsewhere find treasures like this in their backyards? It seems unlikely. I don't know which neighbor threw it out. I don't know which neighbor has just realized THIS is what she needs most in all the world. There are some pans too. I think you could move into a Manhattan apartment & furnish it entirely from stuff you find on the street. In fact, I know you can, because that's what I did. I moved in to an empty flat & brought home mirrors, books, a couch, and dishes that people had tossed.  Read More 
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On 17th Street

These were built almost 200 years ago & are on the National Register of Historic Places. We stopped to admire them & a yongish man said, Want to buy one?


He paused, posed, & said: It's no coincidence there's always a contractor's truck parked out front. Think about it.

He tipped his cap & went back to work.
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