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Dirty scrabble

This is a game Ann & I just finished, where many more words than usual contributed to an unplanned, & rare, theme. (Although another game I'm playing with someone else right now includes bird, rat, sow, eel, bear, & local denizen.) This one includes:
Hombre / Deft / Taxicab
Some of the words are suggestive mostly in a sort of snowballing way. Read More 
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Beach training!

Yesterday was my dojo's beach training day. We black belts arrive at Far Rockaway around 4 a.m., meditate while the sun rises, then do exercises on the sand & in the water. It's really fun except when you're waking up in the middle of the night, oh, & when you are so blind-sleepy that you trip & spill a whole cup of tea & mash up your shoulder.

A day later, I'm still not totally awake, but it was fun to come home all sandy & take a nap.  Read More 
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On procrastination

I finally did a little task that I had had on my to-do list for probably two months, which was to get my passport picture. It took all of 1o minutes, so why did it take so long to get to it? I guess that's the nature of postponing, that tasks then take longer & loom larger than they need to. The accomplishment can't equal the investment.  Read More 
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Ava Gardner once said: Elizabeth Taylor is pretty, I am beautiful.
Johnny and I watched The Killers on DVD. Angie Dickinson in the 1964 version, Ava Gardner in the ’46. He loves Angie but I love Ava. In real life, a 19-year-old woman in (I think) Maryland hired a hitman (really an undercover cop) to steal a lump of cocaine (really a block of queso blanco) and kill everyone (four men and “children if present”) in the house. Read More 
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From my roof

Could I drag an air mattress up here & sleep out? People slept on their fire escapes in the days before air conditioning. I can't imagine. I can't even imagine growing up in an apartment. When it was too hot in Sioux Falls, we kids would sleep on the floor in my parents' bedroom, which had a room a/c, the only one in the house. We didn't even have fans in our rooms, let alone a/c or central air. In fact, I've never had central air conditioning in my life, having gone on from South Dakota to even more primitive living conditions & ending up in a tenement for the last 40 years. Read More 
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Out of the rhythm

It's funny—as soon as I wrote the below, but before I could post it, I fell back into a blog groove. Internet is still out more often than not at my office, so that's not it. I would have guessed it's my aches & pains—karate being a young person's game—but they're worse  Read More 
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