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Even busier day!

Sometimes when I tell my beloved something, he'll say "Ya braggin' or complainin'?"

When people talk about how busy they are, I do often ask them (to myself!) the same thing.

Me? Right now, I'm dragging & I'm busy only because it takes me so long to do everything. So I'm not bragging OR complaining, just explaining this lame-o post.

I'll do better tomorrow!  Read More 
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Busy day

A Hard Day's Night projected onto the brick of a 2nd Street wall.
Got up, went to B&H to pick up breakfast—egg sandwich on challah bread for Johnny, challah French toast for me (& Johnny). Whole Foods for a dozen things they didn't have. Ludlow 99c store for toilet paper, shampoo, coffee filters & a skull bandanna. She calls me "my friend" and always rounds off in my favor. Chelsea for a meeting with a bunch of smart young women. Pilates with Jeremy, who has mostly given up trying to get me to be "self-efficacious," that is, to take off or add springs on the machines. I did roll up my mat, however. Then the Double Yews rehearsed for our gig next week. We possibly have become a real band. I'm excited that someone asked us to play AFTER he heard us.  Read More 
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Where ya from again?

I can't tell you how many times people who can't remember where I'm from, beyond (with a sweep of their arm) "out there," say Ohio... Idaho... Iowa... wherever... Obviously this happens to many other people. You can't see, but the cities on the outline map of Iowa include Cincinnati, Des Moines, & Boise.

(Taking a little break from the dire.) Read More 
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Sometimes we need a cute cat break, right?
It seems the weather pleases Buster, because he's happy every day.

And sleepy.

And hungry.

And amazingly, he went out of the apartment willingly this morning, something he's never done before. I opened the door to say hi to my neighbor passing by, and he strolled into the hall as though he does it every day.  Read More 
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The Dark Years II

Fugitives, Gare du Nord.
More quotes from Diary of the Dark Years, 1940-1944: Collaboration, Resistance, and Daily Life in Occupied Paris:

... the most dangerous of invasions... the invasion of the inner life, infinitely more dangerous than a territorial invasion or occupation. (quoting poet Charles Péguy)

I will never believe that men are made for war. But I know they are not made for servitude, either.

We all know very well that democracy in this country was not sufficiently real for the conscience of all our citizens to be moved by the scheming, cheating, and intrigues that teams of politicians have indulged in for the past twenty years.

The greatest misfortune that could befall this country would be  Read More 
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